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Phat butts vs Small butts? quick question?
- Okay a lot of my guy friends have told me that I'm missing out on getting a girl with a BIGGER Butt/

- In sex and all

- But whats the difference when hitting it from the back with a Bigger 1 then a smaller 1 ? I mean do you actually feel more cushion like a pillow?

age- 16

I have a phatty but I'm not a guy so I don't know the difference. My BF says there is one.I just asked my guy friend and he says its softer, more cushiony and he likes to see the girls *** jiggle...LoL...But when it comes to how they look phat and small butts both look cute to me on girls.
Girls with phat butts ? quick and easy?
- Why do girls who have a great "physique and are good looking"...make it hard for us guys to get with them ?

- I'm talking about guys who are good looking just as the girl is

- She would filrt with you and all giving you positive feed back during the conversation, but at the same time giving you that attitude like you're lucky she's giving you a chance to even speak/flirt with her

- Its like they act if they're too good for us Males, but still will date us afterwords

- I only date girls who are good looking and have a nice pshyique, but damn its been hard latey to go out with because they seem so picky

- Anyone help/advice girls ?

age- 18
In my opinion, pretty much any mainstream girl out there is in a total state of delirium about their appearance. Did you know the average subtraction of weight a girl will deduct from her actual weight is twenty pounds? Moving on, that means a girl with above average looks outwardly considers herself God's Gift to Mankind, and will treat nearly all men accordingly. Then there's the side in her head that considers herself to be a fat old bag, which compels her to act like a complete courtesan so she can feel good about herself.
Y do men like woman with big butts?
I have always been told i have a nice ***. I've even been told that I have a black girl booty even though Im a white girl. Hispanic and Black men seem to hit on me more than White. Can you tell me why do men like big butts? ( and I dont mean fat butts i mean Phat butts haha) Do white guys not like big butts??
Im white and Ive always liked phat butts. As long as there is still an hourglass to the shape, Im interested.

Ive noticed that young men tend to hunt the gazelle figures. But once someone starts thinking about a long ter relationship, wife, mother of my guyren, then the hourglass figure becomes more important.

Maybe the race thing is because in general, blacks and hispanics tend to get married earlier than whites?
How to do get a phat butt and wider hips n thick thighs?
i already have somewhat of a big butt, but i want bigger hips i am a very small build, and i want to find ways to incress my hips thigh and but size without gaining gross mucles, and without losing what i have laready
Is it true white girls back then had flat butts?
i haerd back in the 90's white girls had back then,but ever since 2000 they had more curves and rounder phat butts
Idk I was just a babe in the 90's
Does anyone know of any male websites (gay) of men with bubble butts?
I am looking for sites that show mens bubble or phat butts does anyone know of any websites? I could be muscle butts but i prefer black butts (men butts only)
lol wow naughy much just try to google it xD
THAT phat Butt has got to go?
ever since i was i can't remember, i've always had a big but
and sir-mix-lot (everybody knows his song) 'like big butts'
has really but me out for the big butts thing. let's just say i have perfected the the big butt without even trying for it... ish.
some guys like it (well really all they guy's that i have met like it) and all but now i want to get rid of it asap
so besides butt squads is there anyway to get my butt... smaller
Bike riding helps. A lot. My dad rides his bike all the time, and he has like no butt. Unfortunately, it doesn't to much for his pot belly...
How to get a baby phat body?
I have great hips,boobs,and butt! I have some problems with belly fat. I need to loose about 15 pounds of belly phat in 3weeks-1month can anyone help.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you can't lose that much weight in a healthy manner in that amount of time, especially not from one area. but your best bet is a lot of medium-intensity cardio for a long duration of time, light weight lifting with high reps to tone yourself, and some core work like ab crunches or bicycles

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