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How can I get my 6 year old to stop peeing during diaper changes?
I have a 6 year old son and sometimes he pees all over the place when I'm changing his diaper. I wish he would stop doing that. What should I do so his bladder is completely empty before I change him?
What on Earth is your 6 year old doing in diapers? Unless he's developmentally disabled, he should have been potty trained years ago.
At what age do baby boys stop peeing during diaper changes?
I'm a toddler teacher at a local early learning center and one of my toddler boys peed all over himself today when I was changing his diaper. I haven't been too careful with covering up, because I thought they were old enough not to do that (they're all 17-23 mo. old). Was this just coincidence or do boys at this age still regularly do the peeing during diaper changes trick?
I think he did it just to mess with you. I've had a little boy deliberately wet himself while sitting on my lap. ( He had just went potty like 5 minutes before.) Anyways, if this is something that happens frequently or you are really concerned about it, I would talk to his parents about it.
Who is a teenager that either enjoys peeing their pants or peeing in a diaper?
I am an 18 year old guy and I absolutely love peeing in my pants or in a diaper. I also get turned on when I see or here stories about girls peeing their pants or in a diaper. If anybody (girls in particular) have any wetting stories, PLEASE SHARE!!!
Lol im 17 and i need diapers at night (but ill sometimes wear them in the day for convenience) and my 10 year old brother is completely incontinent. :)
16 Month Old Pulling off Diaper and Peeing on Floor?
My daughter has been pulling off her diaper and peeing on the floor for awhile now. I was told it's too early to potty train but wanted to know what other moms think. She does NOT like to wear a diaper and is constantly trying to take it off. Should I get her a "big girl" potty and start potty training or what do you suggest? I've tried everything but she is too smart and still manages to take clothes off and gets her diaper off!
She may not physically be ready to toilet train even though typically when the guys want the diapers off that means they are ready and willing to toilet train. Since she is at such a young age it is unlikely she will be able to control her sphincter muscles but consult with her pediatrician about the idea. If she is too young to train, try putting duct tape over the tabs of the diaper so she cannot unfasten them.
What can I do about my three year old peeing thru his diaper at night.?
I'm at a loss as to what else I can do. He doen't get anything to drink after diner,5:30 or so. He is in footy pjs so I know that he's not playing with it and ending up peeing out the side or top of the diaper. He's in night time diapers (with extra absorbancy) and half of a cloth diaper in there too. What else can I do. I'm getting really tired of doing laundry. And he wakes up so cold from sleeping wet all night.

We're working on potty training him, and durring the day he's preety good about sitting on the potty when you tell him its time to go. But short of waking him up at night to tell him to pee I don't know what else ot do.
Like you said, wake him up. Until my son was 5, we still had to wake him up each night to pee around 10 PM. He slept so soundly that he'd be wet pretty much every morning unless we woke him up. So just take him before you go to bed and see if it helps.
I have been peeing in my diaper for the past 10 minutes?
I sometimes wear Huggies diaper for fun at my house. I started peeing in it about 10 minutes ago and I haven't stopped yet. I can't believe there's that much urine in my bladder! I'm peeing as I type this, so there's still more to go! I'm just glad my Huggies haven't leaked yet. Should I do anything about this??
Newborn son keeps peeing out of his diaper?
My son got circumcised 4 days ago and ever since he pees out of his diaper.There is always a wet spot on his back.The diapers we have fit him,and are always snug at the top.Its very annoying having to change his clothes 3-5 times a day.Anyone have any ideas or advice?We do not point his penis down anymore because everytime we try it goes right back up,which i think is from the swelling.
We had this problem with my son. For one make sure that you "tuck" his penis in. Tuck so that it is pointing down not up. I know it sounds weird but it works. Also try a larger size diaper. If your baby still has the umbilical cord then you can either fold the diaper down or cut a area out for the umbilical cord. I found that when my son leaks we get the next size diaper up and that usually work reall well. You can also try a water proof diaper cover.
15 month old son keeps peeing through his diaper at night?
I have a few questions.My son is 15 months old and he keeps peing through his diaper at night pretty bad. I always change him right before he goes to bed at night which is around 9pm. He has one nap (usually 2-3 hours) around noon and the time he usually gets up in the morning is 9am. I thought I had him him on a pretty good schedule but now I am wondering if he is sleeping too much at night. Any suggestions as to why this is happening and if he needs two naps in the day instead of one?
I'm assuming you are using disposable diapers. You may want to switch to cloth diapers, as you can taylor the absorbancy to your guy's needs - and have no leaks. Hemp and bamboo are super absorbant and great. You can try bamboozle or sugar peas. You'll also need a cover. Today's cloth diapers are easy to use and clean, so don't be intimidated by them.

Generally babies pee when they wake up in the morning and when they wake upin teh middle of the night (and sometimes they fall right back to sleep) - do you let your son play in his bed before getting him up? That may be when the flood happens!

You could start potty training - he's not too young, contrary to popular belief. I know with my daughter who is 9 months, when I put her on her potty as soon as she wakes up she has a big pee in her potty - if I let her play in her crib for a while, she pees in her diaper. The Baby Bjorn Little Potty is great for potty training younger guys as it's small and their feet can easily touch the floor. Over 50% of the world's guyren are potty trained by age 1, not many of those in the US or Canada!

And for those who say that if you start potty training before the age of 2, all you have is a well trained mother... well that's just being ignorant. My daughter is 9 months, and poops in her potty almost exclusively. I think those who don't start potty training early are the ones who are well trained at wiping your baby's poopy bums. *smile*

I would not recommend reducing the fluids you give your baby - I can't imagine not drinking when I'm thirsty, so I would not do that to my baby.

I would also not recommend changing your sons sleep schedule to accomodate the disposable diapers - if you have a happy baby, why change his sleep schedule to accomodate leaks? That just doesn't make sense to me.

Good Luck :)
How can i keep my newborn from peeing all over himself (and me!) when i change his diaper?
i have tried exposing him to the cool air and then covering him up again but he always pees when his diaper comes off. i cover it with a washcloth or towel, but it still runs down all over him. what can i do?!?
I read a tip online, but never tried it - rub a cool diaper wipe on the inside of his thigh before changing and wait a bit to allow him to pee in the diaper. Other than that, try to be speedy and it does stop happening so regularly as he gets older.
Son takeing Diaper off and Peeing?
My son is 13 months old and has gotten into the habit of taking off his diaper and peeing. He'll reach into his pants when we're not looking and 2 seconds later he pulls it out of his pants and hands it too me. A split second later, he pees. The comes what can only be described as a 'victory dance'

What does this mean? Does he just want to pee on stuff? Humor maybe?
Just means he likes to do it. My boys were both like that as are most of my nephews. Didn't seem to have that problem with the girls in the family only the boys so who knows maybe they think it is funny. I have known just about every male in my family younger than me to pull off his diaper and end up peeing all over the floor. Most of the moms thought this meant they could be pottytrained but nope most of them were about 4 years old when they were fully pottytrained

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